Job Details

: Graduate Engineer Trainee - Electrical
: Electrical
: Chennai

Location: Chennai

Company Grade: 10B

Position: Graduate Engineer Trainee - Electrical

Reports to: Senior Lead Engineer / Deputy Manager

Department: NTS

Division: New Technology Solutions

Reviewed: October 18, 2022

JOB PURPOSE: As an entry level, graduate engineer trainee position, job assignments are planned to provide experience and familiarization with the embedded engineering services, methods, practices, and processes of the company


JOB DUTIES: The key role of this entry level engineering position is to learn and assist: to gain an understanding of product development, systems, and procedures; to learn and develop skills that result from the practical application of basic engineering knowledge. Projects will usually be of long duration and work results will affect those working on the same project or assignment. Typically, decisions will impact routine, low-risk issues that may affect the project team and/or customers. Challenges include applying theory, learning standards and procedures, and understanding the technology.

Key areas of responsibility encountered in this role may include any or all of the following incorporating product development standards and procedures: basic understanding of Electrical and Electronic Systems; communicating results to project team members; familiarity with project management tools could be expected.

Incumbent may work in any number of functional areas requiring an engineering diploma, including but not limited to Electrical System design, Co-ordinating with Suppliers to understand specifications, modeling of parts. Skills on Electrical Circuits, Electrical Component design is essential.

Individual must manage their own development, continuously learning through experience and staying abreast of technology changes. Learning will focus on methods, processes and systems applied to engineering functions, key engineering skills, practical application of theory, communications and building a knowledge of embedded software development, integration and testing.

BACKGROUND / EXPERIENCE: Requires an accredited engineering degree with consistent academic record and excellent analytical skills. Must have ability to communicate effectively with team members and others in the work group, as well as customers and suppliers. 3D modelling using Creo or any other CAD software is preferrable. But not mandatory; understanding the various operating systems and basic understanding of software development, integration and testing process is preferred.