Job Details

: Senior Lead Engineer
: Creo,Mechanical Design,Mechanical Structures
: 12 - 15 Years
: Chennai

JOB DUTIES: The key role of this engineering position is to contribute towards developing engineering solutions and leading a team of engineers to provide guidance on both design and engineering services / tools. Projects typically range from three months to two years. Ability to gather relevant information for project, understand customer requirements, develop project proposals, and customer relationships. Challenges include developing alternative work procedures, establish new processes, and championing new initiatives, collaborating with team members and other teams and keeping abreast of advancing technology. Work is typically directed by a Deputy Manager / Manager, who might review both methods and results. Decisions are routine, medium risk issues that may affect the project team, customer satisfaction or internal customers may be made by this position. Challenges including meeting expectations in delivering results, learning to consider alternative courses of actions, making timely decisions, and developing communication and project management skills.

Key areas of responsibility encountered in this role may include any or all of the following: perform need analysis and initiate ideas; evaluate new products, process and systems; communicate results to customers, suppliers, team members, and other business units; contribute to the design of new products and processes; perform product and process maintenance; support other engineers, managers, marketing personnel, customers and suppliers.

Incumbent may work in any number of functional areas requiring an engineering degree, including but not limited to, engineering design and analysis services, metallurgy, quality, reliability, manufacturing process, application and installation, product performance / support, service and facilities.

Individuals in this position might expect to have several assignments allowing them to gain experience in multiple engineering functions. They will be expected to apply theory and concept in the assigned area. He or She must build an understanding of how and why decisions are made within their workgroup and organization. They may be responsible for applying those decisions to technology, engineering services, engineering tools, technologies, adapt new processes, analysis of data and develop alternatives, project management, and implementation of systems and procedures.

He or She must manage their own development, continuously learning through experience and staying abreast of technology changes. Key learning comes from gaining experience in the product, service, manufacturing systems and processes, selecting the most appropriate tools and techniques for a project and collaborating with people who work outside of engineering as well as technical communication and documentation.

BACKGROUND / EXPERIENCE: Requires an accredited engineering degree / diploma and excellent analytical skills. Incumbents have usually gained 12 to 15 years of experience and have exhibited ability to work on increasingly more complex assignments. Experience working with a different unit or working with different products, process or systems is desirable. Must have ability to communicate effectively with team members and others in the work group, as well as customers and suppliers.