Job Details

: Electrical System Design
: Component Design,Component Selection,Control Panel Design,Electrical Hardware selection,Electrical System Design,Motor Selection
: 1 - 3 Years
: Bangalore
Skill Set:
* Proficient in Electrical Component Specifications, Sizing, Selection, Analysis, and Testing (Functional & Reliability) of the followings:

 Electrical Components: Switchgear and Control components, Primary and secondary protection devices, Transformer, Power Supply.
 LV Motors (AC Induction, Brush DC, BLDC, Stepper, Servo, Permanent Magnet) 
Application development - LV Motor Starters and Controllers (X-Link, Star/Delta, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives)
 Proficient in the Design and development of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage control panel
Proficient in Product Level Electrical system design, Wiring & Harness Design.
Good understanding of safety and protection standards and their implementation
Thorough understanding of Global Electrical Codes (IEC, UL, NEC, NFPA) and Country Standards (UL and CSA).