Job Details

: Devops Engineer
: AWS - Cloud
: 0 - 1 Years
: Chennai
Looking for candidate to provide innovative solutions for solving complex technical problems in application and infrastructure deployment. Self-motivated and willing to learn new technologies in Build Management, cloud provision and DevOps. Possess Excellent communication and collaboration skills by working closely with architects, developers, testers & Product support team.
1. Implement automation wherever possible in DevOps processes, by selecting and deploying appropriate tools as part of CI/CD pipeline
2. Build and optimize new production environments to ensure successful deployments and address service delivery issues.
3. Help operationalize a high-performing micro-services architecture by leverage cloud platform products and services to build, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure components through PaaS/IaaS.
4. Create & Manage Build pipelines for Java, .net & Python langauge projects
5. Integrating Unit test cases, Static & Dynamic security analysis & Automation testing as part of CI/CD.
6. Configure high-performing and secure cloud environments for application development, testing and production
7. Implement automation and orchestration for manual processes required to operate and deploy cloud services
8. Establish metrics and regularly monitor the utilization, performance and health of cloud resources. Plan performance tuning, maintenance and corrective actions as needed
9. Monitor and analyse security incidents, perform vulnerability assessment and risk management, implement security measures
10. Monitor billing for cloud resource usage and develop cost-optimization strategies
Technical Skills:
1. Past experience on cloud technologies of AWS / Microsoft Azure is a must.
2. Hands-on expertise with DevOps tools/systems that are part of CI/CD pipeline such as:
a. source code management/version control systems (e.g. Git)
b. automation for CI/CD pipelines (e.g. Azure DevOps, Jenkins, CodeDeploy).
c. software containers and orchestration (e.g. Docker and Kubernetes)
3. Understanding of the software development lifecycle across processes and tools, familiarity with continuous integration, continuous delivery and Agile software development.
4. Ability to identify automation and optimization opportunities to accelerate software development, testing and release and enhance production performance
5. Implementation of proactive monitoring, alerting, trend analysis and self-healing systems.
6. Programming and scripting languages (Powershell, Perl, Python) needed for Cloud Administration and DevOps work.
7. Experience in creating CloudFormation for AWS or ARM template for Azure will be added advantage.
8. Knaowlege ondatabase management (e.g. SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB) is a good to have skill.
9. Understanding of Restful API, Apigee or any other API Gateway will be plus.
10. Past experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda is a plus.