Job Details

: Cloud Engineer
: AWS - Cloud
: 0 - 1 Years
: Chennai
his position's key role is to implement an AWS cloud database storage for the calculated condition indicator information coming off of our machines. From the machine, files will be transferred to our cloud system by existing means, then we will parse the files (using Google Protbuf tools), store the results into a Condition Indicator database (Snowflake or AWS Aurora PostgreSQL/MySQL) that the candidate will design and implement and provide support for those developers developing database API's to access the information. Script/programs to manipulate files and insert data into the databases can be written in whichever AWS supported language the candidate is most familiar with, probably Python or C/C++. Source code for database creation and scripts/applications will be version controlled in Git.

The Analytics, Virtual Sensors and Controls Group develops condition monitoring algorithms to predict component failure over longer time scales (hours-weeks-months) to optimize machine maintenance , prevent unscheduled downtime and minimize customer cost. These algorithms are typically built on time series data from our machines, tested and validated in our cloud environment and then deployed locally into the various control and information ECM's on our machines.