Job Details

: Senior Engineer_Electrical
: 3D Modelling,Electrical Hardware selection,Electrical Harness,Electrical System Design
: 6 - 8 Years
: Bangalore
Need Global engineering experience of minimum 2 years

1. Experience in Product Development and Electrical Systems development as per Marketing Requirement Document (MRD), Product Requirement Document (PRD) and Regulatory Requirements (RR)
2. Proficient in Electrical Component Specifications, Sizing, Selection, Analysis, Testing (Functional & Reliability) of followings: 
-  Electrical Components: Switchgear and Control components, Primary and secondary protection devices, Transformer, Power Supply
- LV Motors (AC Induction, Brush DC, BLDC, Stepper, Servo, Permanent Magnet)  
- Application development - LV Motor Starters and Controllers (X-Link, Star/Delta, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives)
- Electrical harness development 
- Electrical schematic development & Knowledge in electrical symbols
3. Proficient in Design and development of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage control panel
4. Proficient in Product Level Electrical system design, Wiring & Harness Design 
5. Good understanding of safety and protection standards and their implementation
6. Thorough understanding of Global Electrical Codes (IEC, UL, NEC, NFPA) and Country Standards (UL and CSA)
7. Knowledge in PLM and Bill of Material preparation.

Desired skills
Electrical engineering knowldege from HVAC sector

Good to have skills
Eletrical design tool experience

Soft skills
1. Excellent business communication to lead the electrical control design coordinating with SMEs in North America
2. Presentation skill

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Lead, and Design & development of Electrical Systems, Low Voltage Electrical Control panel and Cable, Wiring Harness
2. Electrical Component Sizing, Selection, and Qualification as per UL, IEC, Country specific Regulatory Requirements and familiar with electrical symbols
3. Make tradeoff analysis of circuits and components with respect to Best performance, Low cost, High quality and design flexibility
4. To foster an environment conducive for Innovation & Change with good Analytical Thinking
5. Work along with Multi-Disciplinary (Structural, Electronics, Software and Reliability) Team to develop System or Component Level Functional, Reliability & Qualification Requirements and Design
6. Work closely with Supply Management to Source and Evaluate / Qualify the purchased Components and Assemblies
7. Schematic reading and modifying

Other Specifc Requirements
Looking for a senior engineer who has good experience in HVAC global electrical design sector and familiar with air conditioning controls components & UL Standards