Job Details

: Engineer_Mechanical Design
: Hydraulic Design
: 4 - 7 Years
: Chennai


Work closely with design / lead engineer and take responsibility of design activities of engine components / system using various tools / processes such as Pro/E, Tolerance stack up, VDRA. Responsible to complete the design work while meeting cost, quality and velocity targets.

Job Duties:
* Work closely with design / lead engineer and understand scope of the component / system design work and execute the assigned project as expected.
* Design various concepts of these components (Fluid lines (majority), Med level castings/ Sheet metal) as per performance, quality and cost targets in the required timeline.
* Optimize the design by doing required design study like tolerance stack up, Packaging study and also updating as required based on input from lead engineer / supplier / customer / Manufacturing team.
* Should be able to provide required information about the project to the lead engineer to support design reviews etc.
* Responsible to work with detailing, checking and releasing team in completing the drawings as per Caterpillar standards as well as release them to production.
* Regular updates should be provided to lead engineer on progress / challenges and take his guidance as required.