Job Details

: Advanced Structural Simulation
: Structural Analysis
: 4 - 8 Years
: Chennai


Roles and Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of this position is to conduct electromagnetic analysis of motor / generator designs, modelling and design of electric machines for advanced traction motors and generators to achieve performance requirements.
* Perform motor electromagnetic simulations along with design optimization
* Support sizing and trade-off study of motor system and thermal management system, through accurate modelling and simulation
* Conversant with different types motors Technology like PMSM, Induction, Switch Reluctance & Synchronous Reluctance for EV & HEV applications
* Work on Motor Control Algorithms and strategies for Better Performance.
* Create Workflows for Automation of Electromagnetic simulations
* Develop, verify, and optimize design process to predict and optimize electric machine performance through improved materials, modelling methods, and design algorithms.
* Work along with thermal team for different cooling system methodologies for traction application.

Additional Job Details:

Educational Qualification/ Professional Experience: - * Simulation engineer with at least 4+ years of experience in electric machine/motor controller for modelling, design, analysis * Electromagnetic analysis experience with good working knowledge of CAE tools, such as Maxwell, JMAG, and analytical tools like SPEED and Motor CAD * Sound knowledgeable in electric vehicle architecture and modelling process * Experience in the design and analysis of high torque & power density IPM/PM, switched reluctance motors and induction motors * Strong understanding of validating motor electromagnetic and thermal designs including performance * Experience using MATLAB/Simulink for data Analysis/Modelling * Experience in Scripting with Python and Matlab for Simulation Process Automation and Data reduction. * Knowledge in power electronics hardware and motor control algorithms * Domain Knowledge of PMSM, BLDC, IM, SR, Sync Reluctance Motor/Generator design & development along with manufacturing Strong communication skills, written and oral * Work experience in an Engineering field, preferably with Electric Drive traction and control systems in automotive, rail or heavy machinery applications.